As 60% of our league player base is represented by Grade 6 and below we are placing MORE focus on these lower graded players to ensure that their commitment in time, money and passion for the game is rewarded. So with the additional focus we are introducing The Local Legends Shield from Season 11.

There will be a separate Local Legends FINAL for teams of a Team Grade Total of 13 or below will be able to compete. There are strict guidelines for teams to be eligible to compete in the Local Legends Shield.

The key benefit for these teams is that they are matching up versus other teams of similar ability, no higher handicapped players are allowed so it really opens up everyone’s chances to go deep in the event and win some prizes.

There will be a separate weekly ladder alongside the Grand Ladder, this will be known as the Local Legends Ladder. Your team regardless of team status will still compete as per normal versus every team in the league on a weekly basis. However, each time you field a team with a team total of 13 or below your team will be eligible to earn points (like normal) on this Local Legends Ladder, thus working towards your own final with cash prizes.

Example 64 teams across the entire Diamond League equals = $5000 to the winners of the Local Legends, enough to get 3-4 people return flight to Vegas!

We will be constantly monitoring this as the season progresses.

Maximum of ONE Grade 6 is allowable is able to play on an eligible Local Legends team, whether weekly play or finals.

Here are some possible Local Legends team configurations:

Grade 6, Grade 4 and Grade 3 = 13 points

Grade 6, Grade 5 and Grade 2 = 13 points

Grade 5, Grade 5 and Grade 3 = 13 points

Grade 5, Grade 4 and Grade 4 = 13 points

NOTE: You cannot have a Grade 10, Grade 2 and Grade 1, or 2 x Grade 6’s and a Grade 1.