Well another season is in the books. Our champions this season are 4K who defeated The Bookies in a nail-biting marquee match, cannot get any closer than that with both marquee players having only one visit at the table. I have to say that The Bookies played well above themselves and while they did not take the major prize it’s a shame there can only be one winner.

The Bookies – Michael Eskander, Dave Gormly, Dan Banfield, Phil Deschanel and Andrew Derrig a great effort lads to play over 10 matches to reach the final over 2 gruelling days.

To our Champions 4K, Dave Gardner, Mitch Tucker, John McDermott and Shaun Oglesby going through undefeated with very dominant results giving no quarter to any team. It was a great final and all looked lost and then in the crucial double points round chances were given by the opposition and you seized them. I know it’s been a long time coming and I understand what it means to hoist that trophy. Your Legend Rings are on order boys, wear them with pride!


I would like to thank our DL Crew, without them the Diamond League doesn’t run as well as it does – Marvin Monzon, Langa Solofoni, Simon Felice, Chris Mungoven and Kristin Sheldon without your tireless efforts the players would not have a great league to play in. You build a great community of players who enjoy the sport and play to win. Well done. Special thanks to my man Barry Mavros who gives up plenty of his time to provide great commentary for the streams of the final day and those little extra things you do to apply a little more polish to the event.


To our sponsors – #TenpinCity#PredatorCues and #CPBACloth we are fortunate to have your help in keeping the Diamond League the envy of all others.

We look forward to 2020 and the exciting developments ahead. A post will be forthcoming soon, please download the Fargo Rate App in readiness for the new era in the Diamond League.