As we head into the festive season, the Diamond League Crew are getting ready to kick off a new era in the Diamond League in 2020. Our new season commences Monday, February 3rd, 2020.

We have Mr. Darren Appleton as our Ambassador, ready to help our players take it to the next level. Watch out Darren Appleton may just walk in and call a Team Timeout when you least expect it. 😉

What else is happening?

We will now be using Fargo Rate Exclusively for all League Play and League Events.

The Diamond League Format has been tweaked – We are now playing 10ball instead of 9ball in Round 1.

Team Caps have been altered to align more closely with the FargoRate system.

Local Legend Team Cap will be 1450; as this is a restricted competition no player may be above 525 Fargo Rate in your combined team total. So you can have a 525+525+400 = 1450 or some other combination of 3 players.

Las Vegas Showdown Team Cap will be 1775; there is not restriction on players on the roster as long as the 3 players on the evening or finals is below the threshold of 1775. So you can recruit freely and have a combination of any 3 players such as 625+612+520 = 1757.

As Fargo Rates will improve and decline over the season (not by too much based on the experts at Fargo Rate) once your team is registered at the start of the season under the 1775 cap, your team will not be impacted in a negative way if players ratings should improve to go above the 1775 cap, the only effect might be that the points exchange may increase or decrease based on your adjusted rating and your opponent’s rating as the ratings fluctuate. Scoring will still be a POINTS (scalp) exchange system of 20 POINTS per frame for all players. This is based on a sliding scale that will be established on your FargoRate and your opponent’s FargoRate with a certain number of points on offer for the win based on the differential of both players FargoRate. Bonus points are still available if you BR or RO.

See table below.

Paper score sheets are a thing of the past, all you need is a smart phone or tablet and we have your season covered to look at your schedule, ladders, results, and most importantly scoring the matches – the APP does all the calculations for you. All Diamond League results will be LIVE within 24 hours of submitting results including MVP and Team Results.


What else is happening you ask:
New branding. It’s still the best league we have just modernized our look and feel, we hope you like it.

New sublimated jerseys. Your Name, New Branding including Sponsor Logos, plus 6 cool designs to choose from for only AU$75 delivered within 6 weeks made to order by an Australian based company. The designs will be available soon.

New Player Reps. Welcome Kate Harrison who will be running Tuesday nights at Lidcombe.

More players and teams = More prizes!

More excellent streaming with BLive plus top shelf commentary from Barry Mavros and Jamie Williams with the Lord and Sheriff as back up.

Table maintenance and spherical operations courtesy of Matt Lemos!


Our Sponsors are:

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