1. Diamond League goes digital in 2020.
  2. 4k go HD!
  3. Las Vegas, Rio Hotel and Casino 27 July 2019
  4. Third time a charm for Sajich and his team To the Mill
  5. Australian Doubles WCOP hopefuls Justin Sajich and James Delahunty catchup with CueWorld.


The Diamond League is for ANY player who wants to take part in a competitive league structure. Using our proprietary grading and scoring system, teams only score points by winning games not by potting balls. While players are graded, there is no match handicap in this league, all teams will play off scratch, but there are limits to team rosters. The scoring system supports lower-graded players and puts more pressure on the better players to perform in an environment that actively supports player improvement.


  • Regular Season runs for 16 weeks
  • Three-Player Teams + 2 Reserves
  • Initial team make up will be limited to a maximum team value of 28 points (see Grading System below)
  • Summer Season Commences February 2018 & Winter Season commences August 2018
  • The Las Vegas Showdown champions win a $8,000 travel fund for a trip to Las Vegas representing Australia at the BCA World Championships in 2020.
  • The Local Legends Shield champions will win a $3000 cash prize! Only teams with a team grade total of 12 or below are eligible for this event.
  • Teams will play round robin vs. other teams in their region over the 16-week season Total of 20 games in each match.


The Diamond League uses an exciting new Match format for three-player teams over 20 games of pool. Every player plays seven games of pool across the night. While the match is predominantly 8-ball singles (16 games), CueWorld have mixed things up with the sixth round being a Scotch Doubles match while the first round is a complete round of 9-ball (3 games).
The exciting final round is for DOUBLE points while the final game is our special Marquee Matchup where the highest graded player from each team faces off for victory. More than 75% of matches come down to the double points rounds which keeps teams in the hunt until the last games.


Our proprietary grading and scoring system allows all players from Novices to Grand Masters to fairly compete. CueWorld believes that the grading and scoring system is there to allow weaker teams to compete on a fair footing with better teams with a focus on winning games, rather than handing out false victories through potting balls. We want players to practice, strive to improve, and get all the competitive enjoyment that the game has to offer.
The majority of our registered league players and our League Staff recognize the ability of these players. CueWorld also has statistics on many players through our tournaments and various other pool, snooker, billiard events and organizations. Players are ranked into the following regular grades: Master, A grade, B grade, Competition grade, Regular grade and Social grade. Each player has points or a “Scalp” on their head. (Scalps)
All players are worth player points according to their grade as follows:

  • Grand Master 17 points (15 towards making up team)
  • Master: 15 points (13 towards making up a team)
  • A Grade: 12 points
  • A Grade: 10 points
  • B Grade: 8 Points
  • B Grade: 7 Points
  • B Grade: 6 Points
  • Competition Grade:5 points
  • Competition Grade: 4 points
  • Regular Grade: 3 Points
  • Regular Grade: 2 points
  • Social Grade 1 point

These player points are used in two ways:
– To determine who can play in a team (a team cap of 28 points for the 3 players)
– To determine game scoring (see below)You beat an A grade player you get 10 points.

You beat an A Grade player you get 10 points. You lose, you don’t score and your opponent scores your scalp. There are also bonus points on offer in every game: 4 points for a Break & Run and 2 points for a Runout. In 9 Ball you will receive a bonus of 4 points for a Break & Run and a Runout, clearing ALL 1-9 balls (no 9 ball combos). There are also two special grades: Grand Master 17 points (But still only 15 points towards team make up)

Provisional Grade 1 point (Gives away 1 point for a loss but can only score 1 point for a win)Note regarding Provisional 1 Players – you can only ever field ONE player on this temporary grade in any given match in the regular season.The Grand Master grade is for our game’s true elite, while the provisional grade is for a completely unknown player. By only scoring or giving away a single point, a provisional grade player will have minimal impact upon the result of matches until they are quickly ranked into one of the regular grades.

CueWorld believes this system of play properly returns the focus of the League back to winning games rather than worrying about balls potted. The aim is to win a game of pool by all means possible, not chasing points by potting five balls then missing, and thus handing an easy victory to your opponent. While this system may seem harsh at first, it is actually a much better environment for learning players to hone their skills and improve.

A social graded player has a scalp of 1 point and so even if they lose every game, they still only give away 8 points for the entire match. As soon as they start winning games these points even up meaning that risk/reward is heavily in their favor. Using a regular handicap system the social player is thrown in the deep end unfairly costing their team big points when they lose with minimal reward when they do win.

Our system provides the perfect environment for lesser graded players to learn while maintaining the integrity of the game. Our system treats players of all grades fairly with greater responsibility placed upon more highly graded players. The grading points have been mathematically worked out from over 250,000+ games of data to statistically even up match play as fairly as possible.


All players start the season on a grade based on statistics or familiarity of the player (see the Diamond League Gradings Page for details). Unknowns and players not on this list are always put on a Provisional Grade (and are elevated to a regular grade as soon as possible). Grades of Grand Master, Master and A grade are typically locked in at the start of the League Season with B Grade and below left open until they are locked in during the season.

It is the job of the players, captains and League Organizers to collectively lock in these grades during the first half of the season. From this point, these locked in grades are maintained for the rest of the season, qualifying finals and Las Vegas Showdown or Local Legends. We want players focused on playing pool to their best ability rather than worrying about whether their grade will go up or down.

Typically there will be minimal adjustments during a season in ensuring players are fairly graded. Importantly, once you have achieved and been locked into a grade, you can’t go down. (except under special circumstances).

What grade you are is determined by your peers – there are four main playing grades (A grade, B grade, Competition grade and Social grade) so it is far easier to fairly grade a player without the small and inaccurate point increments and most importantly without the arguments. Likewise, as there are fewer grades, movement between grades is minimized. No longer is there the constant handicap dance through the season and before finals as captains struggle to have their teams as under-handicapped as possible.

This makes moving up a grade not a penalty but an important achievement as it is recognition of quality play by your peers. The League Organizers have full statistics available for every player in the Diamond League and this is open for all captains and players to view their own stats. Through fully open and documented email discussion as well as Match Night visits at venues by the League Organizers to discuss gradings with captain’s and players, grades will be locked in fairly.


A team must be on 28 points or under to commence play in the league. However, it is assumed that players will improve and so it is possible that such players will improve a grade before their grade is locked in for the rest of the season and Las Vegas Showdown. It is STRONGLY suggested that any team total above 20 points and close to 26 points when starting the season should have a lower graded reserve so that they will always fall under the 28-point cap.

Team Make-up:

  • Maximum allowed grading for all teams: 28
  • A team may have no more than one player A Plus/Master/Grand Master
  • Masters and above are restricted to playing with Grade 8’s and below.


You score the following:

  • win= 5 points
  • Win by Forfeit = 6 points
  • Loss = 1 point
  • Past the Post = 2 points (the round before the scotch doubles)
  • Bye = 5 points
  • Draw = 3 points for each team
  • Forfeit: 0 points (weekly fees MUST still be paid)
  • Marquee Match = 1 point (regardless of grade)

One of the primary issues CueWorld has identified is the difficulty of rating teams on a ladder from different regions where the strength of those regions can be wildly different. A further problem of this is that it too easily distorts handicaps with average players in easy zones getting unfairly pushed up and over-handicapped and average players in strong zones getting unfairly pushed down and under-handicapped. Our system of grading is universal. If you are a B grader in one region, you are a B grader in all regions. Therefore, each region scores points fairly towards the grand ladder.

No more artificial bonuses for smashing a weaker team that gives up. No more minimal points gained for beating the best side in your zone in the tightest match. Our system is intrinsically fair for scoring across regions of differing strengths. Because the teams are fairly graded, the Grand Ladder is a fair indicator of how your team has performed among all the teams in the league. The Grand Ladder is used to determine which teams make it into the Las Vegas Showdown in conjunction with Qualifying Finals. Teams are fully seeded in the Las Vegas Showdown according to where they finish on the Grand Ladder. Note: The one thing that it is very difficult to control is the strength of each region. While ideally, all regions would be of equal strength, in practice this simply does not happen. You are always going to get stronger and weaker regions. The bottom line is that regardless of region, the static ladder scoring should produce a fair and even competition and a Grand Ladder where every win REALLY counts.


The Diamond League has identified that we need as many incentives in place as possible to encourage all players to play to their best and improve. Each week, every player scores points towards the Predator Pro Series ladder. This is based on points scored, having a positive for and against, as well as big bonuses for Break & Runs, and Runouts.

Every week, there is a League Player of the Week with the highest score of points. As you don’t get any PVP points if you don’t play, playing as many times as possible is perhaps the most consistent way to ratchet your way up the PVP Ladder.

At the end of the 16 weeks of regular play, the top 32 PVP Players will be finalized and seeded in a knockout tournament following the top 8 format (Players seeded 1 through 4 get a second bite of the cherry). Predator Cues are the sponsor of this portion of the Diamond League.

The Champion wins a $500 Voucher to spend on Predator Gear, the Runner Up receives a $250 Voucher to spend on Predator gear also.

All courtesy from our great sponsor Predator Cues. “The cue that more pro players use”

7.1 MVP (Most Valuable Player) Points
▪ One of the most important parts of the Diamond League Regular Season is the MVP Awards. All players MUST complete a minimum of 8 league matches per season to qualify for the title of MVP.
▪ The MVP will be awarded to 4 Divisions
Platinum (12+) Gold (8-10) Silver (5-7) Bronze (2-4)


Depending upon the total number of teams, the Las Vegas Showdown will be a fully seeded, where the Showdown Champions will win a travel fund to travel to Las Vegas (see prizes below for full details). For teams to be eligible, all fees and dues must be fully paid otherwise, their position in the Las Vegas Showdown will be forfeited. All players in a team must have played at least 6 Matches to be eligible for play in the Las Vegas Showdown.


As 60% of our league player base is represented by Grade 6 and below we are placing MORE focus on these lower graded players to ensure that their commitment in time, money and passion for the game is rewarded. So with the additional focus we are introducing The Local Legends Shield from Season 11.

There will be a separate Local Legends FINAL for teams of a Team Grade Total of 12 or below will be able to compete. There are strict guidelines for teams to be eligible to compete in the Local Legends Shield.

The key benefit for these teams is that they are matching up versus other teams of similar ability, no higher handicapped players are allowed so it really opens up everyone’s chances to go deep in the event and win some prizes.

There will be a separate weekly ladder alongside the Grand Ladder, this will be known as the Local Legends Ladder. Your team regardless of team status will still compete as per normal versus every team in the league on a weekly basis. However, each time you field a team with a team total of 12 or below your team will be eligible to earn points (like normal) on this Local Legends Ladder, thus working towards your own final with cash prizes.

Example 64 teams across the entire Diamond League equals = $5000 to the winners of the Local Legends, enough to get 3-4 people return flight to Vegas!

We will be constantly monitoring this as the season progresses.

Note: A maximum of ONE Grade 6 is allowable is able to play on an eligible Local Legends team, whether weekly play or finals.


All players MUST be financial members of the BCA Pool League to be eligible to play at the BCA Nationals in Las Vegas each July.

Players will pay a $20 League Membership Fee once per League Season. This covers the cost of BCA Pool League Sanctioning.


We have 2 options when choosing which Diamond League shirt you will purchase:

1.  High quality golf polo shirts, embroided with Diamond League and CueWorld logos only cost $45 if purchased by Week 4. These polos come up to 5XL and in 10 colours, with Black and Navy being the most popular. If purchased after Week 4 the cost increases to $65 due to order minimums. See your player rep on how to order these.

2. Customized jerseys from Ultimate Team Gear in the USA. These Jerseys have all our sponsor logos and you can even include your name on the back and go as large as 10XL. These awesome jerseys cost $85AU (heavily discounted) plus postage from the USA and take 3-4 weeks to produce. These are lightweight and very comfortable to wear with over 30 designs to choose from. See the link on the home page to order yours now. Remember to put DIAMOND LEAGUE in the PROMO code section to secure your price and correct template.

League shirts are required in ANY Diamond League event, finals or qualifiers. We strongly urge players to wear these each week as we have sponsors obligations to meet and you look good wearing one and it shows you are part of something.


$20 per player will be paid to your Player Representative. No table fees.


In the case of a forfeit, each team must pay their weekly $60 fees to maintain the financial health of the prize fund and running costs of the league. This weekly payment must be paid by the following week. However, please note that a forfeited match may be rescheduled and played (depending upon agreement between the two teams captains and League officials).

A rescheduled match counts towards both regional and Grand Ladders and there are NO catch up matches past round 12 of the season. Any team that suddenly forfeits 3 weeks in a row or 4 times across the season will be disqualified from the league, this will result in forfeiture of all fees, prizes and ladder points. For teams to enter into the Las Vegas Showdown, all forfeits must be fully paid for, no league fees, BCA membership fees, or League registration fees can be outstanding.

Note: A forfeit will be automatically applied if a team cannot field a team of 3 players, by the commencement of the 3rd” round. Points will be deducted as per the rules covering late players.”


As in the case of a forfeit, each team must pay their weekly $60 fees to maintain the financial health of the prize fund and running costs of the league. This weekly payment must be paid by the following week. The team receiving the BYE will get 5 points for the ladder and use of a single table to practice on if available.


Winning Team from the Las Vegas Showdown will receive AU$8000* travel fund to assist in paying for:

  • Return flights to Las Vegas
  • Twin share accommodation at the RIO Casino and Resort
  • Entry Fee into the Open Teams event at the BCA Nationals in July

Cash and other prizes will be awarded to the final 8 teams, who wants to come 3rd and get nothing. *

Each team will have the choice of taking this winners prize (Travel funds for a trip to Las Vegas) or selecting cash only. The cash component will amount to $8000, the rest of the funds will be dispersed among the league as the officials see fit. The travel fund is based on average pricing based on seasonal rates, Australian Dollar and may fluctuate.


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