Wow I am sitting here writing this story realizing how truly special it is to see a team win 3 straight finals against some very tough opposition.

The benefits of coming top 4 have paved the way to another lucrative weekend for the team To The Mill.

Spearheaded by Justin “Juzzanaught” Sajich currently the only player ranked in the Diamond League as Grand Master with a Fargo Rating of 762 his team battled its way through several close calls in the early rounds.

All other teams new that they were the ones to beat given the past 2 years results. Getting to through to the final 8 teams guarantees cash and a path to the final.

In a close match vs another locally based team The Avengers, Justin lost his crucial double points game after he missed his last ball, his team now were behind by 8 points.

The Marquee matchup had 5 points on offer from his opponent with a potential 4 bonus points on offer if Justin could win the lag to determine the final break.

With part one resolved in a close contested lag, Justin a.k.a Juzzanaught won the right to break, then he delivered a monster break, pocketing 6 balls on the break.

Despite the pressure of the situation, the clearance from there was rudimentary, no clusters, break outs or difficult position required.

Justin proceeded to clear the table with ease, as the black was sunk in the nominated pocket, hearts were broken. It wasn’t meant to be for the Avengers, and team To the Mill dodged a bullet and progressed deeper into the tournament.

To think that this match was close, To the Mill meet probably the best inform team (Intense Side) in the entire Diamond League with their 3 players in the top 5 individual results for the season. In a back and forth tussle To The Mill overcame this form and progressed into the semi finals.

While they made it to yet another final, they were not complacent and when the match finally began, vs. The 3 Amigos (Scott Taylor, John “Knuckles” Daujotis and Don Morrison) they were relentless giving their opponents nothing and taking all the opportunities.

So, Diamond League history was made, the 1st ever 3peat, let’s see what Season 15 brings us in 2019.

On behalf of all the players, organisers we wish to thank our sponsors – Tenpin City, Predator Cues, CPBA Cloth and the BCA Pool League.